Custom Plexiglas Bait well Covers

The key to keeping your bait alive and fresh longer is sunlight. Most bait well covers are made of a materials that completely block light, causing your bait to die much faster. We make our custom bait well covers out of clear plexiglas which is strong and clean and allows precious sunlight to reach your bait. If you can remove your current bait well cover and send it to us we can fabricate one for your boat that exactly matches your existing cover. If you like we can even engrave the name or symbol of your boat in the cover. If you have an in floor bait well we can coat you new cover in a clear non skid finish. If you can’t send us your cover or prefer not to, bring your boat into our custom rigging shop and we’ll take care of everything.


High-speed thru-hull transducers

We custom build and install thru-hull transducers that are so clean and hydrodynamic that they can accurately read the bottom at speeds of up to 40 knots. We first start by carefully inspecting you boats hull, engine placement, and internal bilge configuration to locate the optimal place for your new transducer. We then use a computerize router to cut a precision template to build the perfect mold for your haul. The end result is perfect install of your new transducer that is guaranteed for the life of your boat.


Flush Mounted Radio Box

Nothing looks worse on a beautiful boat than a radio box under a top or tower with exposed wires. Because it is mounted at or above the eye line it’s particularly unsightly. We create computer cut template for all your radio box electronics and build you a flush mount system that not only safely mounts the electronics but covers up unsightly wiring will protecting your valuable electronics from salt spray.



Flush Mounted Console Electronics

Like our flush mounted radio boxes we also do flush mounting of console installed electronics. Flush mounting your electronics makes for a clean clutter free console that much more aesthetically pleasing, and as with all our electrical work it’s guaranteed for the life of your boat.