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Tip of the week – Trim tabs

On most single engine boats we have an issue with listing or leaning to one side as we run on a plane. This is caused by different factors such as propeller torque or to many people standing on the dry side of the boat. The simple cure for this is Trim tabs. They range in […]

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Tip of the week – Engine height

The most overlooked detail in rigging an engine is the height at which that engine is hung on the transom or bracket. Will touch on this subject a bit later. The engines have a cavitation plate which needs to ride on top of the water. This gives the engine support if you will. Rule of […]

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Tip of the week – Transducer selection

Thru Hull transducers are the way to go – they allow for easy, hassle-free installation. Airmar make a transducer called a “tilted element transducer”. The first step is to find your transom’s dead rise in degrees. This will help you choose the right transducer. Follow the directions and install your transducer using 3M 5200 sealant. […]

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Tip of the week – Transducers best performance

Best performance out your depth finder has everything to do with your transducer. There are a wide selection of transducers available for your boating application. If you are like me and you enjoy fishing. Transom mounted transducers are the standard, but they wash out at slow speeds. I recommend a thru hull transducer. Airmar is […]

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Tip of the week – Rigging a radar

  Last week we talked about using radar for fishing, now lets talk about rigging one. After choosing the unit you want to install, there are a few considerations. Will you need to add a plate to bolt the antenna? Can your top support the weight? Do you have enough rigging tubes to run the main […]

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Tip of the week – Radar for fishing?

Yes, thats right! Radar can show you more then just weather or ground targets. Such as schools of birds or even a lonely friget bird. But before you go out and buy a radar, there are a few things that you need to know. First, to find small targets such as birds. You need power; […]

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Tip of the week – Rubbrail maintenance.

The rubbrail is an important part of your boat not only in protection but appearance as well. One way to repair minor scratches is by lightly sanding with 220 grit sand paper, wet or dry. Then rubbing the area with acetone. Finally apply a coating of silicone spray. This will keep your boat looking show […]

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What’s the Big Deal About Wiring?

What’s the big deal about boat wiring? I’ve been asked for years by clients and friends alike “What’s the big deal about boat wiring?” so I decided to put down my ideas on the subject once and for all. There are three things that distinguish  great wiring from the mediocre; organization, materials, and time. OrganizationThe […]

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