Tip of the week – Engine height

The most overlooked detail in rigging an engine is the height at which that engine is hung on the transom or bracket. Will touch on this subject a bit later. The engines have a cavitation plate which needs to ride on top of the water. This gives the engine support if you will. Rule of thumb is to line up the cavitation plate with the bottom of the transom on notched out transom boats. Never set it lower than the transom as this creates drag.
On boats that have “euro” transoms or added on transom brackets, you must measure the distance from the boat hull at transom to the front of the engine.
Lets say that there is three feet. Then the rule of thumb is that for every foot you should raise the cavitation plate 1″ from the bottom of the hull. So in this case 3″. This will give a good start for optimal performance from your engine and boat!

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